Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2200 Settop Box

I recently rebuilt my PVR, which contains a Hauppauge PVR-150 with remote. In order for the Hauppauge remote to control my Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2200 settop box (STB), I have to connect a infra-red (IR) emitter from the Hauppauge to the STB, placing the emitter directly over the infrared sensor of the STB. Unfortunately, it was not at all clear where the sensor was located, and the information I could locate on the web was sparse and largely inaccurate.

The IR sensor can be located by shining a bright flashlight through the smoked plastic window containing the LED clock. You will see several circuit board components located on either side of the clock -- look for one that appears to be an "electric eye", round with a lens in the center of it. Place the emitter directly over it and test. If it does not work, place it over a different component and try again until you find the correct component.

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