Friday, January 21, 2005

Guns Saving Lives

I read with great distress today the sad story of the young Texas girl that was abducted and murdered this week. Given that I have two teenage sons that are close in age to this woman, I can sympathize with the grief that the woman's family must be going through.

My interest in the case compelled me to click through several versions of the story on Google News. I read in some of the latest accounts of the case that a suspect had been arrested when he appeared at a hospital with a gun shot wound. A gun shot wound? More clicking... What's up with that?

Finally, I come across the Chicago Sun-Times version of the story that explains what the other stories did not (coincidence? I think not.) - "A man at the RV park told authorities he had shot a man who had pulled a gun on him and demanded money."

Thank God that this man was carrying a gun. Otherwise, not only might he have been this murder's next victim, but he would still be at large, probably killing and robbing other innocent people.

We are very lucky that we live in a country where law-abiding citizens can still carry guns.

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