Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Evan Bayh - Super Fraud!

I live in Indiana, and I am a libertarian. I support small government, individual libery, and free markets. I tend to vote Republican, not because I am conservative, but because their views line up with mine better than the views of Democrats.

One of my US Senators is Evan Bayh. He gets elected from Indiana because he masquerades as a moderate. Indiana is a very conservative state, and does not tend to vote for left-wing liberals. If I had Edward "Swimmer" Kennedy or Hillary Clinton as a senator, I would be less upset than I currently am because if you vote for them you know exactly what you are voting for. But, with Bayh, he projects the image of a moderate, when in reality he is as far out on the political left as Kennedy and Clinton.

Here are some statistics on his voting record from Project Vote-Smart. The ratings for Ted Kennedy, a well-known and widely recognized liberal, are given for comparison.

  • Abortion: NARAL Pro-Choice America 100% support in 2004. (Kennedy: 100%)

  • Family and Children Issues: Family Research Council 0%in 2004. (Kennedy: 0%)

  • Gun Issues: Gun Owners of America 0% in 2005. (Kennedy: 0%)

  • Property Issues: American Land Rights Association 11% in 2003. (Kennedy: 0%)

  • Labor: AFL-CIO 100% in 2004. (Kennedy: 100%)

See much difference? More recently, Bayh (and 12 other extremist liberal Democrats) voted AGAINST confirmation of Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State, AGAINST closure on the nomination of John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN (twice), AGAINST John Roberts as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and, most recently, AGAINST Samuel Alito as Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. It should come as a surprise to no one that this mirrors the voting record of Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry and the other most extreme liberals in the Senate. How is that for obstructionism?

Indiana can do better. We need to work to replace Bayh with a less extreme, less partisan, more thoughtful Senator in 2010.

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